How to choose the perfect Dulux white paint


A guide to picking the right shade of white for your home.


What’s the natural light like in your room?

South-facing rooms generally have weak, cool natural light, so you’ll need to compensate for this by choosing a warm white.


On the other hand, north-facing rooms usually have plenty of strong light from sunshine, so you may find it helpful to choose a cool white Dulux paint that balances glare.


Use this guide to help you choose:


In the living room

Good natural daylight: If your home decor ideas involve creating a lively atmosphere, choose a cool white with a hint of orange or gold. If you want to evoke a relaxing ambiance, then add a little bit of calm green, such as sage, into your white.

Poor natural daylight: Warm shades of yellow and gold compensate for cool light. So to make your living room feel cosy and welcoming, try using honey white or primrose white.