How to combine Coral & Dulux Colour of the Year with Timeless tones

Colour combinations for 2021

11 January 2021
We’ve created some easy-to-use colour combinations to help you transform your home with Coral & Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground™. Here are four inspiring ways to bring it to life with a mix of traditional and modern yellows and browns – the perfect recipe for a calm and balanced space…

Brave GroundTM, Coral & Dulux Colour of the Year 2021, is a warm, natural neutral that can help connect us back to the simple things in life. A nurturing and balancing colour, it creates a firm foundation for any interior scheme and also lets other shades shine.

The classic and contemporary yellows, ochres and soft browns of our Timeless palette work brilliantly with Brave GroundTM and, together, they can bring a positive and inspiring feel to your home. These are warm, adaptable tones that can work in a modern or traditional setting, bringing you a failproof way to give any room a facelift.

Energising without being overpowering, Timeless colours can create a positive and harmonious backdrop to any mix of furniture. Here are four inspiring ways to bring them to life…

1. Create a living room that lasts with contemporary classic colours

Brave GroundTM framed with Timeless tones of sand and copper, this scheme creates a warm, neutral backdrop – perfect for showcasing an eclectic selection of global furniture. Try out interesting paint techniques, such as a horizontal stripes of colour to add interest and individuality.

2. Go for captivating balance in the bedroom

Bring a touch of glamour to your bedroom with a rich gold wall. Framed with a balancing ribbon of Brave GroundTM, edged with a lighter tone, this adds energy without dominating the room. Accessorize with natural and tactile materials for a soft and versatile look.

3. Mix graphic shapes in classic colours for a cutting-edge dining room

Get creative on the dining room walls by playing with curves in complementary Timeless colours and carrying the effect from one space to the next. These are tones that work together naturally so that, even these bold arch shapes don’t feel overpowering. Find out how to master this paint technique by watching our How to paint an arch video.

4. Bring a flash of energy to a study wall

Calm, neutral tones are known to boost learning, so Timeless colours are perfect for a study area. Use a combination of different tones to add visual interest, and balance the look with Coral & Dulux Colour of the Year, Brave GroundTM.

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