One workspace: four completely different moods with Coral & Dulux Colour of the Year 2024

6 September 2023
Our Colour of the Year, Sweet Embrace™ and easy-to-use palettes give you the flexibility to create any number of different schemes for a home office.

With more of us working from home than ever before, creating a workspace we want to spend time in is top of the agenda. Our Colour of the Year 2024, Sweet Embrace is the perfect starting point for any decorative scheme. Not only does it work beautifully on its own, adding warmth and softness to any home office, but it also acts as a foundation colour for a host of other shades.

Around it, we’ve created three colour stories – warm, calm, and uplifting, so it’s easy for you to create a look you love. Find out how you can change the mood of one workspace simply by choosing a different palette…

Soft and optimistic

Modern, delicate, and comforting, Sweet Embrace™ can bring a sense of softness to a room and works beautifully on its own. For a one-colour scheme, try taking it up on to the ceiling to accentuate that cosy, wraparound feel.


Which colours?

Sweet Embrace™ 70RR 64/034, Colour of the Year 2024

Warm and earthy

Our warm colour story is all about cosiness. Here, a combination of Sweet Embrace™ and earthy terracotta makes this corridor-based workspace feel inviting.

Dulux-Colour-Futures-Colour-of-the-Year-2024-A-Warm-Colour-Story -HomeOffice-Inspiration-Global-36

Which colours?

Sweet Embrace™ 70RR 64/034, Colour of the Year 2024

Simply calm

Balancing Sweet Embrace™ with fresh and fluid, nature-inspired shades, our calm colour story can help you create a colourful contrast that doesn’t overwhelm the space.


Which colours?

Sweet Embrace™ 70RR 64/034, Colour of the Year 2024
Tranquil Dawn™ 45GY 55/052
Ludlow Falls 90YY 15/279

Fun and joyful

When used in combination with Sweet Embrace™, the dreamy shades in our uplifting colour story help to make this space feel joyful and energising. This two-tone scheme creates a subtle and welcoming home office backdrop.


Which colours?

Sweet Embrace™ 70RR 64/034, Colour of the Year 2024
Violet Sensation 83BB 71/082

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